"Photography and The Zone System"/New Book/lulu new book There is a new book available. “Photography and The Zone System.” It covers the Zone System as laid out by Ansel Adams and others. It is made for precise calibration of black and white film and covers the whole process from visualizing what the final print should look like and to go through the whole process that follows. There are a series of calibration steps involved and then the process begins. Visualizing what the final print will look like, exposure of the film, changing negative contrast through varying development times and finally making the final print. Hopefully if everything works you will have the image printed and it should reflect what you visualized the print to become. It is a technique that can be used in all your photos if you desire and you will have mastered one of the great techniques that was created many years ago by the master of the Zone System Ansel Adams. I will also go into digital techniques.
I had the pleasure of seeing “The Art of Fixing a Shadow” at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. which celebrated the first 150 years of photography. All the masters were exhibited. I was drawn to the work of Ansel Adams and his beautiful control of tone that he used for his photographs of the mid-west that stood out among the other photos. It is a method you can learn and use throughout your photographic life. Also it is not fixed in granite and you can adapt it in your own particular style.